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We strive to bring you a variety of high-quality products for the lowest possible prices. Our mission is to reduce crime in communities and bring you a safe, sweet home.

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Quality of the orders - Quality in Exports

There are many international inspection agencies working on each commodity to confirm the quality of products before shipment. As a result, we make sure that we owned a pre-inspection of goods and certify by an international inspection agency works all over the world in the field of improving quality and productivity, reducing risk, verifying compliance and increasing speed to market. This type of inspection helps you to make sure about the quality of goods as per your required parameters

Our products satisfy export requirements and demonstrate compliance with foreign certification bodies follow list:

. Overall look of the garment is suitable with rules.

. Quality in the right formation of the garment.

. Feel and fall of the garment.

. Physical properties is acceptable and compliance the basic standards

. Color fastness of the garment is quite perfect

. Finishing properties follow strict processes was issued by in international import and export law

. Presentation of the final produced garment.

Otherwise, we use a strict inspection process, products are sterilized carefully many times at the warehouse and at the shipping company. We set our mind in providing best quality always in any day to day life. Moreover, we always try the best to generate product-level quality ranks of exported products and manufacture the best quality of products to compete with the suppliers of other countries manufacturing the similar products, in turn to be competed by them in future


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